2014: Sales Boost

Happy New Year : 2014

We at DSDI™ would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2014.  We want to make 2014 your best year for online retail sales with expanded wholesale dropship inventory and powerful, intuitive data feed technology.  

Our new PushList inventory data template system will be launched within days and will make your dropship inventory easier than ever before.  We’re also excited to offer more than 15,000+ new natural/organic products soon to expand our inventory to nearly 100,000 wholesale items.


  • shaf

    I had a number of items on my ebay account and I was shocked after I made a sale. Check this out:
    1) Poweriser Jumping Stilt Classic 158 ‑ 198 lbs – MAP Price $259.00 and wholesale price is $205 – SOLD Feb24 2014. I felt good because there are quite a few with the same MAP price and the customer chose me. Nice profit and margin!
    2) The ebay fee was 10% $25.90
    3) The PAYPAL charge was $7.81
    4) The shipping cost was $33.95
    5) So, let’s calculate my profit: 259 – (25.90 + 7.81 + 33.95 + 205) = -$13.99 (LOSS!)

    With such a spread and yet I make a loss? Am I doing something wrong? Do the other sellers know what they are in for when their item sells?

    Please help. There has to be something that I am not doing correctly.

    • http://dropshipdirect.com DSDI Administrator


      MAP pricing refers to the MINIMUM, or lowest advertised price a product may be sold for online. In this case, the Poweriser Stil had a minimum advertised price (MAP) of $205, but the final sales price could have been any number above the $205 threshold. We always encourage our retailer customers to estimate all total fees in advance prior to listing items on third party websites (ie Amazon, eBay, etc) where costs can quickly add up. That being said, we’re sorry for your business. If there’s anything we can do to help pin down estimate selling prices and/or ideal inventory for particular markets, please call us at 800.996.3734.

  • Debra S

    Do you charge for your drop ship services and if yes, what are your prices?

    • http://dropshipdirect.com DSDI Administrator

      No, we do not charge for dropship services! If you are selling any wholesale inventory offered by us, you will not incur additional dropship fees. If you wish to understand our dropship fulfillment costs using DSDI as a fulfillment partner for your own inventory managed by us, please contact 800.996.3734.