How to Dropship :-)

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STEP 1: Register & Research Products

Create Account and Explore Our Inventory @

STEP 2: Advertise Products Online

Sell on eBay,,, etc

STEP 3: Place Orders at

Submit Your Wholesale Orders to Us Online, Email, or File Attachment

STEP 4: We Dropship, You Profit

Manufacturer ships directly to customer; you keep the profit


How to Get Started Dropshipping

1) Create Free Account


2) Research Our Product Data


3) Advertise Online (ebay, Amazon,, etc)


4) Order Products for Your Customers


5) Our Manufacturers Ship Directly to Your Customer


All Done. You Keep the Profit!

According to the Meriam-Webster Dictionary, Drop shipping is: to ship (goods) from a manufacturer or wholesaler directly to a customer instead of to the retailer who took the order.

That is exactly what happens at Dropship Direct™: place your orders with us, and our manufacturer warehouses will drop ship products directly to your customer.

Our manufacturer-to-merchant supply chain is completely seamless and transparent; talking to us means you talk to our manufacturers. Just treat us like a sales representative with a bunch of cool technology to make B2B easier.

Your wholesale cost is directly assigned by the manufacturer and is approved for merchants only with valid tax identification (requirement waived if outside the USA).

DID YOU KNOW?  Prior to 2000, most retailers had to stock inventory they sold through the internet.  Today, more than half of all merchants dropship at least a portion of their inventory sold online.

KEY DROPSHIP BENEFITS:    Increased Cash Flow  |  Scalability  |  Low Cost  |  Market Expansion  |  Unlimited Inventory Selection