A New Face for DropshipDirect.com

A New Face @ DSDI

DSDI LogoWe’re cleaning up DropshipDirect.com to make things much easier for our online wholesale retailer customers.  You can always view your account and place orders any time within our Warehouse area.

Things should be neat and tidy within the next couple days.  As a reminder, our wholesale dropship inventory transactions are unaffected during this time.  Thanks for your patience!

  • http://A2ZGifts Don Walker

    When will you have the push to our store ability?

    • http://dropshipdirect.com DSDI Administrator

      Our first step will be to introduce our new PushList™ datafeed technology, which should be available within 4-6 weeks. It will allow you to choose exactly which product fields you require, how you’d like to order them, and the ability to rename fields on the fly. After our Template-based PushList service is up and running, we’ll be introducing customers to other wholesale distributors (in addition to DSDI, your wholesale vendor partner) throughout North America. We’ll build these third party vendors directly into PushList for those who want to create feeds from other vendors. Then, we’ll be off to the races and plugging our content and product lines into third party storefronts (ie Magento, osCommerce, PrestaShop, WordPress, etc). Please stay tuned!

  • http://shesokogroupon.com Toussaint

    This is a good idea. Was wondering when it’ll happen. Always thought you guys should have some sort of automation.