How to Dropship with DSDI

How to Drop Ship

Simply put, Drop shipping means purchasing products cheaply from a low-priced wholesale resource.  Then the supplier (Dropship Direct), not the buyer, has the responsibility of packaging the products and sending them to the clients.  Or at the very least, the wholesale supplier will consolidate all orders with manufacturers on behalf of the buyer.

At Dropship Direct, you will see that our wholesale dropship system is a remarkable method allowing customers to generate sales revenue through our electronic sourcing tools.  You’ll also be able to submit all wholesale orders through Dropship Direct as your vendor partner and manufacturer authorized wholesale distributor.

Normally when purchasing from wholesalers, retailers need to purchase products in bulk quantity. On the other hand with Dropship Direct, you obtain low costs even when you purchase small, individual drop ship quantities.  All products include manufacturer-authorized wholesale pricing, and further discounts are offered for bulk quantity orders.

To begin drop shipping, just place orders with us by indicating a shipping address, and Dropship Direct will deliver straight to your customer. No membership fees or dropship fees are required, so anyone can start with us today.

How to Drop Ship

To explain dropshipping in the most simple terms:  you mark up products that sell for profit without stocking inventory.  We deliver the wholesale inventory in plain and full packaging, straight to the end consumer based on your requirements.  With our company launch more than 11 years ago, Dropship Direct is one of the first wholesalers to provide small quantity, wholesale-priced items for dropship fulfillment throughout the United States. Register for free at Dropship Direct to get immediate access to the newest dropship and marketplace integration technology, at the best possible prices.

With more than 100,000 unique wholesale items, whatever merchandise you encounter in our online catalog, you have the ability to sell. No complex agreements, no restrictions, no contracts.  Doing business with Dropship Direct is a wide open revenue opportunity for you.  Retailers can sell products in their online store,, eBay, or just about anywhere else, and we deliver products straight to our clients from our drop ship vendor origins. You can focus all effort on selling without worrying about multiple vendor relationships, complex return policies, current stock details, quality control, and shipping confusion.   Our newly launched PushList data feed technology allows you to easily submit wholesale inventory to many online marketplaces, such as, eBay, Yahoo! Stores, Volusion, OpenCart, Magento, and elsewhere.

Wholesale dropshiping is indeed a remarkable business opportunity like no other. The inventory is properly cared for;  you only need to find successful means to sell our wholesale inventory. Our PushList marketplace technology will help along the way.   We want to make the online retailer business easy for everyone.  Just purchase inventory from Dropship Direct only after you have sold the goods. When you drop ship with us, there is no risk of dead inventory stock, wasting away on precious shelf space.  There’s no more need to worry about unwanted inventory.

Are you looking to sell via, eBay, or in your online shop? Once you have sold stocking inventory, sending deliveries to your clients requires so much time, costs and effort associated  with both inventory maintenance and shipment packaging.

When you are drop shipping with Dropship Direct, you can depend on us to handle all these challenges for you. All wholesale orders will be delivered “blind”.  This means that your supplier (DSDI) address, name, as well as contact information are not noticeable to your retail customer. Your customer cannot easily determine the source of your wholesale dropship inventory.  Within our order fulfillment process, we have specific measures to ensure no mention of Dropship Direct is made on invoices or packaging. We will never include any of our own promotional materials and inserts, and we won’t mention our Dropship Direct name or logo on order packaging.

Your repeat customers will remain loyal to you, not us.   They do not have to know that Dropship Direct is your secret sauce behind the success of your wholesale transaction.   Call us today!  800.996.3734

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    Where do I find products to sell? Do I just use the information on this site? Copy/Paste it into Amazon and wait for an order? Even if there is an order, there is no way to BUY anything from here, the page is on a continuous loop