No Account Fees

No Account Fees [fb_button]We’re all about moving merchandise via dropship fulfillment.  This means we don’t charge retailers account “registration fees” to do business with us.  In fact, if you can maintain at least $500 in wholesale transactions with us per month, we’ll provide you the most advanced, intuitive Inventory Data Export tool available to dropship retailers:   we call it PushList™.   Our PushList™ platform allows for fully customized product data feeds EXACTLY suited to your technical parameters.  What does this mean?  Well, you can choose WHICH inventory records you want and HOW to name/organize  them.

If you’re brand new to DSDI™ and/or aren’t generating at least $500 in wholesale dropship, no worries!  It’ll only cost you $19.97 per month for unlimited use of our PushList™ datafeed tool.  Once you’re doing enough business with us, we’ll automatically waive the fees.   Why do we charge fees for our PushList™ technology?  To put it simply, our inventory datafeed system is changing the way dropship inventory is managed across the internet.  Soon, you’ll have access to other wholesale suppliers in addition to DSDI™ as your preferred vendor.

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    my name is Roselle Sanders I am in the process of setting up my internet retail business.
    I want to receive a price list from you and would like to know what information you require from me in order to get one?