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Update:  Here’s some reading for your pleasure regarding our upcoming PL launch timeline.

By later this month, Dropship Direct will be launching its exclusive, new cutting edge PushList Data Feed technology platform.  PushList™ will empower retailers with the world’s easiest product data feed tools and supports formats for major online marketplaces and e-commerce channels.

By combining both wholesale drop ship fulfillment and fully customized data feed technology, the PushList platform makes online retailing easier than ever.  PushList supports the following channels:

[checklist icon=”fa-sign-out” iconcolor=”” circle=”” circlecolor=”” size=”small” class=”” id=””] [li_item icon=””]Marketplaces: eBay, Amazon, Yahoo! Small Business[/li_item] [li_item icon=””]Hosted Storefronts: Volusion, Shopify, Big Commerce[/li_item] [li_item icon=””]Popular Shopping Carts: OpenCart, Magento, Prestashop, others[/li_item] [/checklist]

Retailers can take advantage of “on the fly” re-pricing options, a wide choice of product data fields, and 100% customized data feed configurations. You’ll be able to place your dropship fulfillment orders with DropshipDirect.com just like before.  Better yet, PushList won’t cost you anything if you place enough monthly orders with us.  Otherwise, the cost is just $29.97 per month.  Wholesale inventory data will be shaped the way you want it to be.  To learn more, check out this post within our Discussion Forums or visit our info site at PushList.com.

 Want to be kept in the loop as soon as we launch our new PushList platform?  Subscribe to our Exclusive PushList Launch list below:

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  • Rebecca

    I was 14 hours left this morning now we’re back to 2 days 13 hours! Let’s get this show on the road, I’m waiting on your software and templates guys and I’m getting ready to go to Volusion instead. I need to get my store open before Thanksgiving.

    • http://dropshipdirect.com DSDI Administrator

      We’re working on it… we had to add a few more bells and whistles (no pun intended for the holidays) before going live with our launch. It’s going to support filtering inventory by quick ship, flat rate, free shipping, and an optional new field: estimated shipping costs. We hope this makes the wait worth it! :-)

  • http://jestcountrystuff.com Mike Little

    Went to pushlist.com to sign up for the 29.99 package and it took me to this page. I do not see anywhere on the page to sign up.

    • http://dropshipdirect.com DSDI Administrator

      Please join our invitation list above and stay informed. You’ll know as soon as we launch PushList!



  • joe

    will this work like solid commerce.com ?????

    • http://dropshipdirect.com DSDI Administrator

      To our understanding, Solid Commerce is a more robust platform that supports order management, inventory flow, and live re-pricing functions plugged into websites like Amazon. PushList, however, is very specialized and will be focus on mostly one thing: advanced and pre-formatted wholesale data feeds. We make building and generating product data feeds for various marketplaces (including 100% customized ones) as easy as 1-2-3. It will generate the files needed for marketplaces like Amazon and eBay (Turbolister), but you’ll still need to upload those files into the various marketplaces and storefronts. However, our hosted stores will have full integration with DropshipDirect.com inventory data (automated maintenance) and optional plugin technology into eBay for auction listing generation.

  • Sonia

    Can’t wait.

  • gary

    this is looking like a dead end .. this push to market is taking a long time. why don’t you guys just wait . come back when you get it Right..

    • http://dropshipdirect.com/ Dropship Direct

      We’re nearly there. The delay is a result of us doing our best to ensure we get it right from Day 1 of launch. :-)

  • Chelsey@ Powerhouse Fit Foodie

    Any idea on ETA? I am waiting to launch my new site but don’t want to wait much longer with the delays that have already occured.

    • http://dropshipdirect.com/ Dropship Direct

      Our ETA for launch is sometime this month (December). There are a few minor bugs remaining that we’re cleaning up to make PushList the best possible experience for everyone. :-)

  • dnz

    when will this plan start dear.waiting for sooo long dear…

  • Giselle

    What happened to the ‘PushList’ launch? …
    Is it still happening, or what is the status? …
    First is was November, then December, now we have a New Year, and are still waiting?…
    I am not sure if I am willing to wait much longer with no firm launch date – might go to BigCommerce and Inventory Source instead ….

    Happy New Year to All

    • http://dropshipdirect.com/ Dropship Direct

      We can now firmly announce a final launch date: January 2015. Although we cannot confirm exactly when we’ll be launching PushList this month, we’re sure PL will not be delayed any further. Thanks for your patience, and Happy New Year!

  • http://dropshipdirect.com/ Dropship Direct

    It’s official: we’re launching next week. :)

  • Maureen McMahon Passafiume

    Why does PushList show unavailable at this time?

    • John Carmiche

      its been broke for 2 weeks at least

  • Labiosa

    Does the company have the intention to fix PushList so that I can load my products into Amazon/Ebay or do I need to switch Dropship companies?

    • http://dropshipdirect.com/ Dropship Direct

      We plan to re-launch a much more stable version of PushList within the next 30-60 days. Meanwhile, you’re welcome to use our alternative data feed tool here: https://dropshipdirect.com/warehouse/vendor_export_speedup.php

      • Alliey Rita Rowe

        That one doesn’t work either and you you don’t respond to emails or tweets. Is that how you run a business?

  • Buzzering

    Push list is broken they still bill and ignore request for cancellations. RIP OFF

  • disqus_OAiFTg91oc

    Hi there reading a few complaints about pushList. Is it working or not?

  • Alliey Rita Rowe

    Pushiest doesn’t work, however, you knew how to take my money.

  • Alliey Rita Rowe

    After reading the rest of the comments on this board I am canceling and going with another company that I will vet via the BBB

    • http://www.spectatorboxbreaks.com/collections Kirk Edwards

      Did you find a company with a push list and works with shopify?

  • http://www.spectatorboxbreaks.com/collections Kirk Edwards

    Is Push list up and able to link into shopify with data feed

  • Claudiu Spinu

    I cannot use this push list for Ebay, Does anyone know how to do it?

    • Kyle Kanter

      When you say you can’t use the push list for eBay, do you mean you can’t upload supplier products into your eBay store? or you can’t upload products one-by-one onto the eBay site? I’ve sent my questions to help@dropshipdirect:disqus .com and am awaiting a response.

      • Claudiu Spinu

        I can’t upload supplier product to Ebay. And I wont do it wit copy paste one by one