UPDATED 10/23/16

DropShipDirect.com (“DSDI”) explicitly provides its Wholesale Distribution and Data Integration services only to DSDI™ authorized Resellers and Vendor partners. These B2B Services include merchandise distribution, supply chain dropship fulfillment, logistical outsourcing, inventory management, information resources, and e-commerce services. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to serve the needs of our customers …. from the manufacturer and artisan to the reseller. DSDI™ reserves the right to change prices and/or cancel orders at any time.

DSDI™ strictly FORBIDS reseller websites from promoting DropshipDirect.com merchandise if said website is also displaying pornographic, sexually explicit, graphically violent, and/or other material deemed offensive by DSDI INC. Threats or profanity by resellers made to DSDI™, its representatives, and/or manufacturer partners may be subjected to account suspension. DSDI™ retains full authority to cancel Reseller account status without prior notice, for any reason. Because of the sensitive nature of wholesale pricing levels, DSDI™ prohibits disclosure of its wholesale price information by Reseller customers to all third parties. All customer pricing should be considered CONFIDENTIAL and treated as such.


  • Order cancellations of any kind related to E-commerce design services may not be cancelled after 24 hours of placing an order.
  • Orders containing FANMATS inventory may not be canceled after 1 business day of placing order (as products are custom-manufactured on demand).
  • Orders containing MEYDA inventory may not be canceled after 2 business days of placing order (as products are custom-manufactured on demand).

Certain manufacturers require minimum retail selling price levels (ie “MAP”) for their merchandise. All DSDI™ Resellers must follow these pricing guidelines, which may be found by logging into your Reseller Account screen here:  https://inventory.dropshipdirect.com/collections/map-price

Selling restrictions may also apply to certain inventory brands.  Said restrictions and terms are published here:  https://inventory.dropshipdirect.com/collections/restricted-product

Current Shipping Terms are viewable at http://dropshipdirect.com/shippingThe latest Returns and Warranty policy is posted at http://dropshipdirect.com/returns


Product Images License Currently authorized DSDI™ Resellers are given provisional rights to use any and/or all product photographs and images found at DropshipDirect.com. However, under NO conditions may photos and/or DropshipDirect.com images be used except for the express purpose of promoting said merchandise for resale to customers. Product images may not, under any circumstances, be placed on personal websites and/or used outside internet-based sales (unless with prior written consent from DSDI, INC).

Product Content License Currently authorized DSDI™ Resellers are given provisional rights to use any and/or all product descriptions and related fields found at DropshipDirect.com. Said information is the copyrighted intellectual property of DSDI INC and may only be used to promote said merchandise for resale and wholesale purchase from DSDI INC. Product descriptions and related product fields may not, under any circumstances, be placed on personal websites and/or used outside the wholesale purchasing relationship between DSDI™ and its Reseller customers (unless with prior written consent from DSDI, INC).  Product content may not be distributed to third parties without prior written consent from DSDI, INC.

Communication with Manufacturer Organizations :  DSDI™ is an authorized wholesale distributor and representative for various manufacturers presented at the DropshipDirect.com website. DSDI™ highly discourages direct correspondence between Reseller customers and its manufacturer vendor organizations, as difficulties likely arise due to redundant communication within the supply chain.  DSDI™ reserves the right to terminate customer accounts should manufacturer communication persist by the Reseller customer. However, end consumers of merchandise are always welcome to contact manufacturers for additional product information, if desired.

Unallowed Promotions :  The following items/services may not be resold (unless otherwise approved by DSDI INC): DropshipDirect.com E-commerce Services, Website Design, Website Hosting, eFolderz.com Image Sharing Services, Reseller Membership Access to DSDI INC and its properties, and any/all other service-based offerings provided by DSDI, INC (and DropshipDirect.com).

In most cases, DSDI™ does not accept the following payment methods for inventory orders: PayPal (exceptions apply), Western Union, Escrow Services.

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card are acceptable payment methods for resellers based in most countries; however, DSDI reserves the right to limit specific payment methods to select individual customers.

Bank Wire Transfers require an additional inbound $20.00 fee which is required by the banking institution. Personal and/or company checks require up to 7 business days to clear prior to order processing, whereas bank wire transfers and money orders require 1-2 business days. DSDI™ forbids using the credit card of a third party for order fulfillment purposes. If you and/or your organization is using a credit card not associated with the name of the primary Reseller contact person, DSDI™ must have signed authorization on file in order for us to be able to accept payment from said party. For payments made via credit card, DSDI™ charges its customers immediately once an order is placed.


DSDI™ promptly refunds all cancelled order transactions within 2 business days of the original Reseller cancellation confirmation date. Please note that back-order refunds more than thirty (30) days old based on original order date are refunded via DSDI INC company check (and delivered via USPS first class postal mail). All available funds associated with a positive account balance will expire after 365 days of order inactivity, and may not be used toward future purchases.

Certain manufacturer product lines do not qualify for return refunds under any circumstances (excluding defective merchandise and mis-shipped transactions).  FANMATS, SEA EAGLE, and all inventory belonging to the following categories cannot be refunded/returned:  Health Supplements/Foods/Personal Hygene/Baby & Children/Household Cleaners

The following page describes all non-returnable inventory (if deemed non-defective by DSDI):  https://inventory.dropshipdirect.com/collections/not-returnable

Customers may incur an optional  monthly processing fee of $37.00 (USD) related to WholesaleFiles data service that is waived if customer has accumulated $1000.00 or more in monthly purchase order activity at DropshipDirect.com.  Otherwise, fee is non-refundable (however, a 7-day free trial is available for all new subscribers).  DSDI INC charges no recurring fees as a requirement to maintain a wholesale customer account at DropshipDirect.com.  WholesaleFiles data services may be immediately cancelled any time by visiting the Account Settings page of https://inventory.dropshipdirect.com/pages/wholesalefiles.


DSDI™ requires each customer to furnish either a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), commonly known as a “Federal Tax ID”, or the Social Security Number of a principle owner within their respective organization. In certain cases, DSDI™ may seek additional tax permit information, such as Resale Certificates for Reseller customers based in some states.



DSDI, DSDI logo, DROPSHIP DIRECT, STRONGEST LINK IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN, and ONE SOURCE FITS ALL trademarks and service marks and other DSDI logos and product and service names are trademarks of DSDI INC. (the “DSDI Marks”). Without prior permission from DSDI, you agree not to display or use in any manner the DSDI Marks.


Legal Venue State of Oregon, U.S.A. law (IP and other law) governs this entire agreement. This instrument shall represent the entire Agreement between the parties hereto; any other or prior understandings or agreements being hereby canceled, having no further force and effect thereof. This agreement may not be assigned or transferred in any manner by either party without prior written notification.

Indemnity:  DSDI™ customer hereby agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless DSDI INC, its officers, directors, employees, and agents, for any loss or damages awarded by a court of competent jurisdiction resulting from any claim, action, or demand arising out of or related to account activity with DSDI INC. Such claims shall include, without limitation, those based upon intellectual property trademark or service mark infringement, trade name infringement, dilution, tortuous interference with contract or prospective business advantage, unfair competition, defamation or injury to business reputation.