Welcome to the Dropship Direct FAQ Guide.

If your questions can’t be answered using our Frequently Asked Questions resource, please contact us.

About Dropship Direct™

What services are offered by Dropship Direct?

DSDI offers four primary services to retailers and manufacturer partners:

We offer 100,000+ product SKUs for drop ship distribution to authorized merchant retailers.

How is Dropship Direct Different from Other Dropshipping Companies?

Unlike traditional “dropshipping as a service” companies, DSDI combines its physical, 100,000+ square-foot warehouse facilities and B2B e-commerce platform to offer unique wholesale product lines.  We can also provide turnkey, fully managed end-to-end e-commerce services for manufacturers and retailers alike.  We like to think of ourselves as a SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) that works directly with manufacturer partners while offering logistical services from our own distribution center.

What is WholesaleFiles?

WholesaleFiles™ is our Inventory Data Management Service that gives retailers much needed product data within easy, clean file formats.   Retailers use WholesaleFiles™ to select inventory data prepared for Amazon.com, eBay, Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Magento, opencart, and PrestaShop.

Do You Stock Inventory?

DSDI INC stocks inventory for a number of wholesale brands from our US-Central distribution center in Saint Joseph, Michigan.  Other brands are shipped directly from the manufacturer origin.  All Dropship Direct inventory is priced for wholesale only and cannot be sold to the public (a retailer account is required).

Are fees required to get started with DSDI?

We don’t like account or “membership” fees any more than you do.  That’s why we don’t charge account, application, or membership fees to do business with us at DropshipDirect.com.  To make things better, we also include a free Lite Version of our WholesaleFiles™ Data Feed service. You can even qualify for free Premium data service, too (otherwise, Premium WholesaleFiles service is just $37 bucks per month).

How Long Has Dropship Direct been in business?

DropshipDirect.com (DSDI, INC) planted its roots nearly 15 years ago in Portland, Oregon.  In 2004, DSDI opened its doors to online retailers and manufacturers around the world.  In 2016, the company recently expanded operations to include warehouse distribution services based in Saint Joseph, Michigan.  Today, Dropship Direct works with companies in 40 countries and takes pride in its 30+ years of drop ship fulfillment, e-commerce, and import/export management expertise.

What is Your Contact Information?

Or just go here to our Contact Us page.

I’m a Retailer / Seller

How Do I Get Started Selling Products from DSDI?

To get started selling products from Dropship Direct, follow these steps:

  1. Submit Your Retailer Application
  2. We’ll process your application within 2 business days
  3. Once approved, browse our inventory lines
  4. Build your inventory file using WholesaleFiles (free or premium version)
  5. Post & advertise products online
  6. Place orders at our site or via email / FTP
  7. Now you’re on your way!

What Are My Business Requirements to Become an authorized DSDI Retailer?

Because DSDI is an authorized Wholesale Distributor, we must comply with both manufacturer requirements and Federal / State regulations.  The following details are needed to create an account with us @ Dropship Direct:

  • Business Name
  • Federal Tax ID (EIN) or Social Security Number (EIN is preferred) if in USA
  • Primary Contact Person
  • Date of Birth
  • Reseller Permit Data (optional; may be requested)
  • Usernames for Online Marketplaces / Social Selling (if any)

How Accurate Is Your Inventory Data?

We constantly update and refresh our inventory data during normal business hours (9:00AM – 5:00PM Eastern).  In most cases, product records are updated every 24 hours whereas some brands are only updated as needed.  Dropship Direct publishes RecentRecord™ data update statistics on all product pages.

With our Premium WholesaleFiles™ service, retailers can schedule how often inventory files should be refreshed for online product listings.

How Do I Place Wholesale Orders with Dropship Direct?

If you’re new to selling at Dropship Direct, we ask you to place your first few orders with us directly at https://inventory.dropshipdirect.com.  After you’ve placed some initial transactions with us and comfortable using our inventory platform, you’re welcome to start sending us orders via email, FTP, or API.

Are Minimum Quantities Required to Dropship an Order?

We’ll never require minimum quantities when you place orders with us at DropshipDirect.com.  Most items can be drop shipped as individual units.  However, it’s important to identify whether a product SKU/UPC code is associated with pack size (some items are bundled as packs).  Unit sizes are always identified within product descriptions and, in many circumstances, product titles.

What Kind of Wholesale Pricing do You Provide to Retailers?

DSDI offers manufacturer-authorized wholesale prices to authorized retailer accounts.  As an authorized manufacturer representative and stocking distributor, Dropship Direct™ provides official tier wholesale pricing to our retailer partners. We stock and manage our own Exclusive Brands with the best available wholesale prices for resellers.   Also good to know: more than 80,000 of our products are MAP controlled retail prices.   Dropship Direct™ is also happy to offer special volume price discounts based on total sales activity and/or stocking orders.

I Just Placed an order. Can I safely cancel an order after I have placed it?

In most cases, you can safely request order cancellation if your order was placed within 2-4 hours.  However, some products ship very quickly and cannot be cancelled due to processing activity.  If your order does not ship within the estimated lead processing time (as published on our site and in our data files), then you are welcome to request order cancellation for the items below.

Are Walkthrough Tutorials Available to Help Me with My account?

Yes! Walk-through tutorials are available for our WholesaleFiles™ data feed tool by visiting this link.  We also provide an interactive walk-through guide as you browse pages within your WholesaleFiles™ dashboard.

Can I place a back-order against inventory that is currently out of stock?

In most cases, you can place back-orders against items that are currently out of stock.  However, some inventory cannot be back-ordered.  To browse inventory where back-orders are not allowed, go here.

What Payment Methods are Accepted When Sending Orders?

If you’re a retailer placing orders with Dropship Direct, we usually accept the following payment methods:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.    Apple Pay is also accepted at https://inventory.dropshipdirect.com.

Other payment methods such as Net Terms and PayPal must be approved prior to placing orders.

How Do I Cancel My WholesaleFiles Service?

Your Premium WholesaleFiles™ service can be cancelled any time:

  1. Login to your Wholesale Account
  2. Navigate to WholesaleFiles Dashboard
  3. Go to Account > Cancel Subscription

You’ll always have free access to our Lite version of WholesaleFiles™, including Quick Reports inventory data.  We’ll never charge you a fee to keep your wholesale account with us active.

Helpful Tip:  If you’re averaging at least $1,000 in wholesale orders with us per month, we’ll be happy to give you Premium WholesaleFiles service for free.

How do I completely Close My Wholesale Account at DSDI?

We’ll be sad to see you go if you decide to close your free wholesale account with us.  However, if you’d like to completely close your account, please submit a ticket to us via our HelpDesk.  We’ll confirm closure of your account and you’re welcome to re-apply any time.

I’m a Manufacturer

How Many Retailers Purchase Inventory from Dropship Direct?

DSDI has over 50,000 accounts that are authorized resellers within our B2B wholesale network.  We also identify retailer marketplaces, social profiles, and other useful information used to boost sales activity.

How Do I Become a DSDI Manufacturer Partner?

To become a DSDI manufacturer partner, please follow these steps:

  1. Submit Your Manufacturer Inquiry
  2. Allow 2-3 business days for us to contact your company
  3. Additional instructions provided shortly thereafter

How Do I access My Manufacturer Account?

If you are an active Dropship Direct manufacturer partner, use these steps to access your Account profile:

  1. Login to Inventory Platform
  2. Go to Account Profile
  3. Access Manufacturer Inventory Dashboard (if needed)

What is Turnkey E-Commerce Sales Fulfillment and How Can it Help Me?

Dropship Direct™ combines its 100,000+ square feet distribution center, B2B retailer network, and e-commerce expertise to provide complete sales and logistical representation for your international brand within the United States. Because we combine e-commerce sales with logistical fulfillment, our service fees are much lower than most competing warehouse services.

In other words, we can manage your entire e-commerce presence:  B2B, B2C, marketplace channels, and warehouse 3PL fulfillment.

Of course we’re happy to help you with any of your particular needs:

What fulfillment and service fees are required to store/manage inventory?

Fulfillment and service fees vary depending on your unique situation and how Dropship Direct can best serve your manufacturer e-commerce needs.   Because we combine e-commerce sales with logistical fulfillment, our service fees are much lower than most competing warehouse services.  If you’re not stocking inventory at our location, we’re still happy to represent your brand!

How Does Dropship Direct Enforce MAP Pricing Policies?

DSDI has been working with MAP-priced marketplace policies for over 10 years.  We’re experts at building and enforcing online retail pricing strategies to maximize brand value / profit.

Dropship Direct enforces MAP policy using these methods:

Can I Request Selling Restrictions for Certain Online Marketplaces?

Yes, Dropship Direct can restrict access to your wholesale inventory as follows:

How does DSDI promote my brand and inventory to retailers and online channels?

Your brand is important to us! That is why we’re always thinking of new ways to boost product visibility and sales activity:

  • 50,000+ Retailer Network
  • Promotional Newsletters
  • Website “Featured Brand” Campaigns
  • Weekly Deals
  • Inside Sales Team
  • Company Blog
  • Social Networking
  • Cyber Thursday / Black Friday
  • Holiday Offers
  • “BOGO” Promotions

Our Policies

How Do I calculate Shipping Costs for a Product?

Shipping costs are calculated based on the warehouse zipcode origin (provided to you), delivery address of your customer, and total dimensional package weight.   However, many items quality for either flat rate or free shipping.

  • 47% of all inventory ships via Fed Ex (Ground, Overnight, 2-Day, etc)
  • 30% of all inventory ships for Free
  • 17% of all inventory ships via Flat Rate
  • 5% of all inventory ships via USPS
  • Less than 1% of inventory ships via UPS

Do You Dropship Orders Internationally?

We do not offer international drop shipping at this time outside the United States.  However, we plan to introduce drop ship service into Canada later this year (2017), followed by Europe, Israel, and Australia.

Meanwhile, multiple freight forwarding services exist that can ship your orders outside the USA from your US-based address:

How Should Product Return Requests be Handled?


  • Non-Defective Goods: 30 Days
  • Defective Goods: 30 Days
  • Mis-Shipped Orders: 10 Days
  • Damage by Shipping Carrier (in transit): 48 hours upon delivery
  • Non-Defective Returns Unallowed for:   Sea Eagle/Poweriser/FANMATS/Steiner Sports/MLBPAA/Health Supplements/Foods/Personal Hygene/Household Cleaners/Consumable Goods

All return requests, including non-defective, defective, and damage claims must be submitted within the Merchant Account Page:  https://inventory.dropshipdirect.com/account

For our complete Returns Policy, please go here.

Do You Share My Personal or Company Information with Third Parties?

Your privacy is very important to us.  That’s why we’ll never disclose your personal or company information to any third parties, except those required to fulfill your wholesale transactions with us.    We don’t share your company/personal details to third parties without your permission. We think junk mail is pretty uncool, too.

My Company Is Not Based in the United States. Can I still Do Business with DSDI?

Yes!  Many of our retailer partners and manufacturers are based outside the United States.  Click here to get started with us.

What is MAP Pricing and How Do I sell Products when MAP Prices are Required?

To learn more about our MAP pricing policies, please go here.   You can view our list of selling restrictions on this page (must be logged into account first).

Why Are Some Products Restricted and How Do I Access Restricted Inventory?

Some manufacturers have specific policies about where inventory may be sold, and may also limit the number of retailers authorized to resell merchandise.

In order to access restricted products, please review the steps below:

  1. Review our current Selling Restrictions page (must be logged in)
  2. Must have Premium WholesaleFiles™ service
  3. Request access to restricted product directly from product page (example:  here)
  4. Once approved, products belonging to restricted brand are visible

What Advertising Methods or Strategies are Unallowed by Dropship Direct?

In general, wholesale inventory offered by Dropship Direct may be sold anywhere online unless restrictions are published on this page.  Most manufacturers prohibit paid keyword advertising campaigns that violate trademark rights (i.e. “Apple Products”).